Ultimate DIY Handyman Scarf (Home Depot)


My little brother worked for Home Depot in high school. He bought all of the Home Depot merchandise to wear to work every day and was such a good mascot that he won some sort of national employee of the month award. I made him this scarf to celebrate. He wore it while collecting carts all last winter, and now you can make one too! This would be a perfect gift for the handyman in your life who has to run to Home Depot at least three times every weekend.

Because it is double knit, the scarf is fully reversible with opposite color schemes on each side. A separate file is included for knitting the “Home Depot” text logo so that it is readable from each side. Instructions for the double knitting technique are not included- but there are plenty of tutorials online.

You will need two colors of light fingering weight yarn and size 2 knitting needles. For this scarf I used just under a skein of each color (Cascade Heritage Pumpkin and Snow). The finished model scarf is about 5.5” wide and 60” long.

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