Time of the Doctor (Doctor Who Crochet)


Hello Whovians! The CROCHET version is finally here!! The knit version is also available in my store.

This is a more sophisticated pattern for your collection- obviously timey-wimey for those who have watched the show, but still a cool, not-too-nerdy pattern for those who have not yet succumbed. The clock was inspired by the series 8 intro credits, and the other side of the scarf contains the doctor’s name in Gallifreyan.

This pattern can be used with several different crochet stitches. See my blog posts for examples of each stitch and links to tutorials.

For reference, the example tapestry crochet scarf modeled by the fabulous lady in the pink jacket used a size D hook with 3 skeins of Cascade Heritage (2 grey, 1 white) and is 84” long. The other sample image was made by another wonderful test crocheter in Tunisian. She used Loops and Threads Woolike and lined the back of the scarf in fleece to cover up the floats. See their project pages for more details.

Each stitch will take a different amount of yarn, and each crocheter is very different. Please read the blog posts and pattern instructions to calculate how much yarn you will need.

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