Stardew Valley Scarf (CROCHET)


This page is for the CROCHET version of this pattern. The knit pattern is also available in my store.

If you give this scarf to someone, you will immediately score 8 friendship hearts! (Especially if they are named Emily 🙂 ) This scarf features a lot of Stardew Valley elements. Going around the scarf from one side to the other: Junimos with a stardrop, wine, artichokes, cow, cherries, cheese, pig and dog, garlic, cranberries, fish, rhubarb, peaches, horse, parsnip, morel, keg and mayo machine, eggs, beets, sheep and cat, mayo, summer spangles, duck and chicken, winter root, milk, slimes and mining ladder, red cabbages, hazelnuts, goat, apples, and blue jazz.

My wonderful test crocheter made this scarf using multiple scrap yarn colors in tapestry crochet, which looks amazing! You can also make this scarf using two colors.

This pattern can be used with several different crochet stitches. See my blog posts for examples of each stitch and links to tutorials.

Each stitch will take a different amount of yarn, and each crocheter is very different. Please read the blog posts and pattern instructions to calculate how much yarn you will need.

If you have questions, I have started a private TessElation Patterns facebook page. Come share progress pictures or other stitches that you have found that work for charts! I would love to see your work!

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