Power Pellet Pacman Scarf


Time for a nostalgic pacman scarf! This was a super fun pattern to design. The front of the pattern shows a normal game with colored ghosts and empty space where pacman has already eaten the pac-dots. The back of the pattern features scared ghosts as if pacman just ate a power pellet. The two sides of the scarf match up so that the whole scarf creates one “screen.” The part of the scarf that goes around the neck has colored ghosts chasing pacman on the front, and pacman chasing scared ghosts on the back.

The scarf is double knit, and the ghosts, dots and pacman are duplicate stitched. Instructions for the double knitting and duplicate stitch technique are not included- but there are plenty of you-tube tutorials 🙂 You can knit the pattern outline without doing the duplicate stitching, but it doesn’t look nearly as cool.

You will need two colors of light fingering weight yarn (about 400 yards of each color) and size 2 (2.75mm) needles. For the duplicate stitching, you will need some DMC floss (colors listed in the pattern). The finished scarf is 5” wide and 61” long, though the length can be adjusted.


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