Photo & Handwriting Necklace


Remember your loved one always with a beautiful piece of jewelry! Each necklace comes with two pieces- a photo pendant and a handwriting pendant. The chain is 30″ long. All pieces are nickel and lead free. These pieces can also be used on graduation hats or bridal bouquets as a way to include your loved ones in your big day. Let me know if you want to use the piece for another purpose, and I will work with you to make it happen!

After purchase, email a high quality scan of the handwriting and the image you would like engraved to I scan my handwriting samples at 600 dpi. The image works best if there is some space around the person’s face, and there is no one else in the picture. If the face is too near the edge of the photo, the edge will be in the necklace and not look very good. If you would like, you can send multiple photo options and I can tell you which one works the best.

You will receive a proof to check within three business days. You will be added to the printing queue after you approve the proof. The sooner you get the form filled out and the proof checked, the sooner you will have your product 🙂

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