One More For Exotic Scarf Bingo (Kronk Emperor’s New Groove)


Scarf description: Squeak squeakity squeak squeken. Squeken squeken squeak squeak squeaker squeakin’!

Translation (for those who did not graduate from Jr Chipmunks): Oh yeah, it’s all comin’ together. This is a great scarf to wear while humming your own theme music!

This scarf features Kronk, from the Disney movie “Emporer’s New Groove”. Knit up your own shoulder angel and devil to help you make decisions! It also features the spinach puffs that Yzma never liked. The neck portion is inspired by the design on the lab coats.

I also have patterns for an Yzma and Kuzco scarf available in my store. If you put all three in your cart, you will automatically get 20% off!

Because it is double knit, the scarf is fully reversible with opposite color schemes on each side. Instructions for the double knitting technique are not included- but there are plenty of you-tube tutorials 🙂

You will need two colors of light fingering weight yarn (about 480 yards of each color) and size 2 (2.75mm) needles. The finished scarf is 5” wide and 64” long.


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