Mini Family Tree “Branches”


These family tree branch slices display the names of a couple and their children- along with their birthdays and wedding date!

Let’s pretend that you are ordering a gift for your parents. Start by getting a 5 generation family tree with the names of all their ancestors. Then expand their display by adding a small “branch” slice for each of their children. That way, they can see the birthdate of all of their posterity in one place! If someone has a baby or gets married, you can just purchase a single replacement branch so your display will always be up to date! This could also be a great way to announce an upcoming birth- put “baby boy” and the due date in place of one of the grandchild names.

As shown in the example images, many potential family relationships are covered- couple with children, couple without children, single parent, and single individual.

After purchase, fill out this survey. If you order more than 8 slices you will have to fill out more than one survey. You will receive a proof to check within three business days. You will be added to the print queue after you approve the proof. The sooner you get the form filled out and the proof checked, the sooner you will have your product!

Wood slices are 5″ in diameter. I recommend that you use command strips for hanging (strips not included). The strips are the easiest way to evenly space your branches without needing to put a lot of nail holes in the wall.


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