Floral Jewelry Stand with Handwritten Engraving


Display your earrings on this unique jewelry stand! A handwritten message can be engraved on the top left and bottom right corner, adding a little personal touch to a fantastic gift. Handwriting is optional- you can also order the jewelry stand without any engravings. The first pictured sample is made from cedar- the wood grain means that every stand will be unique. The second is made from clear acrylic. Choose which material you prefer.

If you want an engraving:

After ordering, please send an email to tesselationpatterns@gmail.com with your order number, and a high quality scan of the handwriting you would like to use (I scan my samples at 600 dpi). A low quality scan will not engrave well. Keep in mind that the corners are not very large- only short messages will fit! (You can either put a message in both corners, or just one corner). A proof will be sent to you within three business days. As soon as you approve the proof, you will be added to the print queue. The sooner you approve the proof, the sooner you will have your product!

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