Don’t Blink! (Weeping Angel Doctor Who)


“Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Put this pattern in your queue or you’re dead. It won’t be fast. Slower than you can believe. But don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and definitely DO knit this scarf.”**

(Not a direct quote.)*

Before you get put off by the two-pattern nature of this scarf, you should know that there are 3 patterns included in this purchase. One pattern for JUST the angel with its eyes covered, one pattern for JUST the angel with its eyes uncovered, and one pattern for the two sides combined- resulting in a scarf with one angel on each side, so you can flip the scarf depending on your mood.

What does this mean? It means that even if you are a relatively novice double knitter, you can still knit a scarf with one of the angels. One side will look like the scarf in the pictures, the other side will have the same exact pattern, but with inverse colors. The face will look a little…interesting on the inverse side. But these angels are supposed to be scary, right?

The two-pattern version of the scarf should probably not be attempted if this is your first double knitting project. The pattern is a little more tricky to read, and tension is extra important. HOWEVER- if you enjoy double knitting, completing one of these patterns isn’t as hard as you might think! Do it!

There is a class on the Bluprint website by Alasdair Post-Quinn called “Adventures in Double Knitting”. If you have never registered for a Bluprint account, you can subscribe to your very first class for free. There are hours of double knitting instruction in this class, including a segment about two-pattern double knitting. This class is also great for learning how to double knit if you have never attempted it before. Instructions about how to double knit are not included in the pattern, just the pattern charts. It is easier to learn from the hundreds of videos online than any series of mediocre pictures that I could take.

Also included is a chart for the “Don’t Blink” text that can be added around the neck. It is a two-pattern chart, so that the text can be read the right way on both sides.

You will need two colors of light fingering weight yarn (about 400 yards of each color) and size 2 (2.75mm) needles. If you do the two-pattern scarf, you will need more of the black than the grey. I wish I could give exact yard numbers, but I made this scarf in quarantine using leftovers from a pile of partially used balls….which is why I used boring colors….The finished model scarf is 5” wide and 69” long.

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