Blanket/Scarf-That-Must-Not-Be-Named (KNIT)


This pattern is a collection of 6 separate panels that can be mixed and matched to make a scarf or blanket.

Because it is double knit, the charts are fully reversible with opposite color schemes on each side. Instructions for the double knitting technique are not included- but there are plenty of you-tube tutorials 🙂 Charts for the “always” and “after all this time?” sections are included so that the words will read correctly on both sides.

You will need two colors of light fingering weight yarn and size 2 knitting needles. For the scarf you will need about 480 yards of each color. The finished scarf is 5” wide and 64” long. In the Cascade Heritage, I needed just over one skein of yarn for each color. The pictured blanket is about a yard square and used about 1400 yards of each color in Woolike. You could of course use larger yarn and needles to make a bigger blanket.

This page is for the KNIT version of this pattern. The crochet pattern is also available in my store.

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