Custom Laser Project Gallery

Here are pictures from some of the custom projects that I have worked on. If you have an idea for a custom project, I would love to hear from you! Send me a message!

Quadriplegic Accessible Video Game Controller

My adorable husband is a quadriplegic. Finding accessible game controllers for his paralyzed hands is next to impossible, takes a year to be made (literally), and is very expensive. The last one we ordered didn’t even work properly. So I finally just made him one myself. I didn’t actually save much money. But it works! And I know how to fix it when it inevitably breaks! Made from acrylic, engraved with characters from Chronotrigger. Features two analog joysticks, which I’m told is a very important feature for playing Breath of the Wild. 

Custom Logo Sign

My sister-in-law has an in-home salon. This is her logo, cut into 3-D wood pieces and attached to a 16″ diameter wood circle. The sides of the pieces are painted with metallic bronze, so they lightly reflect the light. 

Charcuterie Board

This was made as a gift for a Great British Bake Off lover. She uses it to serve cheese and crackers at parties. It definitely shows the detail the laser is capable of!

Scottish Festival Coins

These coins were custom designed and given out at a local Scottish festival to encourage people to engage with one of the booths. They were a huge hit!

Girl's Camp

These wooden tags were made to hang on lanyards during girls camp. They were engraved with the camp theme and turned out super cute!

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