Custom Laser Project Gallery

Here are pictures from some of the custom projects that I have worked on. If you have an idea for a custom project, I would love to hear from you! Send me a message!

Quadriplegic Accessible Video Game Controller

My adorable husband is a quadriplegic. Finding accessible game controllers for his paralyzed hands is next to impossible, takes a year to be made (literally), and is very expensive. The last one we ordered didn’t even work properly. So I finally just made him one myself. I didn’t actually save much money. But it works! And I know how to fix it when it inevitably breaks! Made from acrylic, engraved with characters from Chronotrigger. Features two analog joysticks, which I’m told is a very important feature for playing Breath of the Wild. 

Custom Logo Sign

My sister-in-law has an in-home salon. This is her logo, cut into 3-D wood pieces and attached to a 16″ diameter wood circle. The sides of the pieces are painted with metallic bronze, so they lightly reflect the light. 

Charcuterie Board

This was made as a gift for a Great British Bake Off lover. She uses it to serve cheese and crackers at parties. It definitely shows the detail the laser is capable of!

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